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St. Gaspar del Bufalo, founder of the Congregation of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood

A List of the Saints
Whose Relics Are Honored In

The use of the following initials or abbreviations
after the names of the saints indicate the class to which they belong.

Abb. – Abbott
Ap. – Apostle
B. – Bishop
B.C.D. – Bishop, Confessor and Doctor
B.M. – Bishop and Martyr
C. – Confessor
D. – Doctor
M. – Martyr
P. – Pope
P.M. – Pope and Martyr
V. – Virgin
V.M. – Virgin and Martyr

St. Adrian
St. Afranus, M.
St. Agatha, V.M.
St. Agnes, V.M.
St. Albert the Great, B.D.
St. Aldegundis
St. Alexius
St. Aloysius
St. Aloysius Palazzolo
St. Alphonse de Liguori
St. Amandus, B.
St. Amantia, M.
St. Ambrose, B.D.
St. Anastasia
St. Anastasius, I, P.
St. Andrew, Ap.
St. Andrew Bobola, M.
St. Andrew Corsini
St. Angela Merici, V.
St. Angelini, B.
St. Anicetus, P.M.
St. Ann of Taig
St. Anne, M. of B.V.M.
St. Anselm, B.D.
St. Ansovini, B.C.
St. Anthony, Abb.
St. Anthony of Padua, D.
St. Apollinaris
St. Asella
St. Athanasius, B.D.
St. August
St. Augustine, B.D.
St. Aurelia

St. Balbina
St. Balsamia, V.M.
St. Baptista
St. Barbara, V.M.
St. Bartholomew, Ap.
St. Basil, B.D.
St. Benedict, Abb.
St. Bonedicta
St. Benedict Joseph Labre
St. Bernard, Abb.
St. Bernardine of Siena
St. Blaise, B.M.
Blessed Virgin Mary
• Cincture
• House of Loretto
• Sepulchre
• Veil
St. Bonaventure, B.D.
St. Boniface, B.M.
St. Bridget, W.
St. Brigid of Sweden, W.

St. Cajetan, C.
St. Callistus, P.M.
St. Camlllis de Lellis
St. Casimir, K.
St. Catherine, V.M.
St. Catherine Of Bologna
St. Catherine de Ricci, V.
St. Catherine of Siena, V.D.
St. Cecilia, V.M.
St. Celestine I, P.
St- Charles Borromeo, B.D.
St. Chelidonia, V., OSB
St. Christina
St. Christopher, M.
St. Clare of Assisi, V.
St. Claudia
St. Clement I, P.M.
St. Clement Hoffbauer
St. Columba, M.
St. Concordia
St. Conrad of Parsham
St. Cornelius, P.M.
St. Cosmos, M.
St. Cunegund, Q.
St. Cyril of Alexandria, B,D.
St. Cyril of Nysia, B.
St. Cyprian, M.

St. Damasius, I.P.
St. Damian, M.
St. Davinus
St. Didacus
St. Dionysius, B.M.
St. Dismas
St. Dominic, Abb.
St. Dominic Savio
St. Dulcissima
St. Dymphna, V.M.

St. Edward, K.
St. Eleanore, M.
St. Eleutheri, B.
St. Elizabeth, M.S.J.B.
St. Elizabeth of Hungary
St. Elizabeth of Portugal
St. Elizabeth Seton, W.
St. Ephrem, D.
St. Epiphane, B.
St. Eucherius, B.
St. Eugene, I, P.
St. Eugene, M.
St. Euphrasia, M.
St. Euphrosinia
St. Eusebius, P.M.
St. Eustachius, M.
St. Evaristus
St. Eventus, M.

St. Fabian, P.M.
St. Faustina
St. Faustine
St. Felicitas, M.
St. Felix, M.
St. Felix of Cantilice
St. Ferdinand, K.
St. Fidelis of Sigmaringa, M.
St. Florentia
St. Florian
St. Fortunata
St. Frances Cabrini, V.
St. Frances de Chantal, W.
St. Frances of Rome
St. Francis of Assisi
St. Francis M. de Cornpoenbeo
St. Francis Jerome, C.
St. Francis de Paula, H.
St. Francis de Sales, B.D.
St. Francis Solano, C.
St. Francis Xavier, C.
St. Fridolina
St. Fulgentia

St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother
St. Gaspar del Bufalo
St. Gemma Galgoni, V.
St. Genesius, M
St. George, M.
St. Gerard Sagredo
St. Gertrude, V.D.
St. Giles, Abb.
St. Gregory I, the Great, P.D.
St. Gregory II, P.
St. Gregory Barbarigo, B.
St. Gregory Nazianzus, B.D.
St. Gualteri

St. Hedwig, W.
St. HeIen, Empress
St. Henry, C.
St. Henry, Emperor
St. Hermenglid
St. Hilary, B.D.
Holy Innocents
St. Honoratus, B.

St. Ignatius, B.
St. Ignatius Loyola
St. Innocent, M.
St. Isidore, B.
St. Isidore, Farmer, C.

St. James, Ap.
St. Januarius, B.M.
St. Jerome, D.
St. Joachim
St. Johanna, V.
St. John I, P.M.
St. John the Almoner
St. John, Ap.
St. John Baptist
St. John Baptist de la Salle
St. John Baptist de Rossi
St. John, B.M.
St. John, P.M.
St. John Calasanctius
St. John Capistran
St. John Chrysostom, D.
St. John of the Cross
St. John Damascene
St. John of God
St. John Neuman, B.
St. John Nepomuk
St. John Sarkander, M.
St. John Vianney, C..
St. Joseph, S.B.V.M.
St. Joseph of Cupertino
St. Joseph of Leonissa
St. Jucundina
St. Jude, Ap.
St. Julian
St. Julie
St. Julius, P.
St. Justin, M.
St. Justina

St. Laeti
St. Laurentia
St. Lawrence
St. Lawrence Justinian
St. Leo I, P. D.
St. Leo IX, P.
St. Leocadia
St. Leonard of Port Maurice
St. Leontius
St. Liberius, P.
St. Linus, P.M.
St. Longinus, M.
St. Louis, K.
St. Lucina
St. Lucy, V.M.
St. Ludmilia
St. Luke, Ev.

St. Maerobus, M.
St. Magnus
St. Marcellian, M.
St. Marcellian, P.M.
St. Margaret, V.M.
St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
St. Maria Goretti
St. Maria de Mattias
St. Mark, Ev.
St. Martha
St. Martin de Porres
St. Martin of Tours, B.
St. Martina, V.M.
de plesieurs Martyrs du
imetiere S. Laurent
St. Mary of Cleophas
St. Mary Magdalen
St. Mary Magdalen of Pazzi
St. Maternus
St. Matilda, Q.
St. Matthew, Ap.
St. Matthias, Ap.
St. Maxima
St. Maximus
St. Melchiad, P.
St, Melerus, B.
St, Modestina
St. Monica, W,

St. Nicholas, B.C.
St. Nicholas von der Flue
St. Nicholas Peregrine, C.
St. Nicholas of Tolentine
St. Nicomedus, M.
St. Norbert, B.C.
St. Notker, C.
North American Martyrs

Our Lord Jesus Christ
• Burial Cloth
• Crib
• Nail
• Pillar of Scourging
• Purple Mantle
• Scala Sancta
• Sepulchre
• Table of Last Supper
• Thorn
• True Cross
• Tunic
• Veronica’s Veil

St. Pancratius
St. Paschal, B.M.
St. Paschal Baylon
St. Paul, Ap.
St. Paul I, P.
St. Paul, B.
St. Paul of the Cross
St, Paul Frassinette
St. Paul, Hermit
St, Perpetua, M.
St. Peter, Ap.
St. Peter, M.
St. Peter of Alcantara
St. Peter Cansius
St. Peter Chanel, M.
St. Peter Claver
St, Peter Damian
St. Peter Julian Eymard
St. Philip, Ap.
St. Philip Neri
St. Pius, I, P.
St. Pius V, P.
St. Pius X, P.
St. Placid
St. Polycarp, B.M.
St. Proculus, B.
St. Prosper, M.
St. Protus, M.

St. Raymond Nonnatus
St. Regina, V.M.
St. Richard, K.
St. Rita of Cassia, W.
St. Rock, C.
St. Rogatus
St. Rosalia, V.
St. Rose of Lima, V.
St. Rose of Viterbo, V.

St. Sabina
St. Salome
St. Scholastica, V.
St. Sebastian, M.
St. Seraphia, M.
St. Sergius I, P.C.
St. Simon, Ap.
St. Simplicius, M.
St. Siricius, P.M.
St. Soter, P.M.
St. Stanislaus, B.M.
St. Stanislaus Koska
St. Stephen, 1st, M.
St. Stephen, K.
St. Sylvester, I, P.

St. Thecla
St. Theodora, V.M.
St. Theodoxia
St. Therese of Lisieux, V.
St. Thomas, Ap.
St. Thomas Aquinas, D.
St. Thomas of Villanova, B.
St. Thyrsa, M.
St. Timothy
St. Titus

Ugandan Martyrs
St. Urban
St. Urbana, V.M.
St. Ursula and Companions

St. Valentine
St. Venantius, M.
St. Veronina Juliana
St. Victor
St. Victoria
St. Victorine, C.
St. Victorine, M.
St. Vincent, M.
St. Vincent Ferrer
St. Vincent de Paul
St. Vitalis, M.
St. Vitalis, M.
St, Vitus, M.

St. Wenceslaus
St. William, Abb.

St, Zachary, P.J.B.
St. Zachary, P.
St. Zephirin, P.M.
St. Zita, V.