Photo Gallery

Maria Stein Center & Shrine of the Holy Relics Photographs

The entry sign at St. John’s Road welcomes all
A view of the original motherhouse building and the Shrine of the Holy Relics
Statue of “Mary of the Rock” (Maria Stein) near the front entry doors
The Sacred Heart grotto offers an outdoor setting for prayer and contemplation
The relics on display in the relic chapel
Relics chapel entry doors
German-made stained glass window in the relic chapel
Processional statue of Our Lady of Fatima
Saint Rose of Lima – first canonized saint of the Americas
Sanctuary of the adoration chapel with beautiful 19th century wood working
Saint Joseph at the peak of the chapel’s north wall
Saint Jude – against the pastoral, rural background as seen from the courtyard
Mary’s Altar in the Adoration Chapel
Immaculate Heart of Mary – near the shelter house

Maria Stein Heritage Museum Photographs

Convent bedroom in the pioneer days. Wooden shoes were worn in the farm fields
Display showing the evolution of the habits worn by the Sisters of the Precious Blood
Display of crucifixes include some made at the convent
Early iron for making altar breads
Items used by the Sisters for doing farm work, making altar breads, shoe making

Maria Stein Center Courtyard Photographs

View of the back of the shrine from the courtyard

Stations of the Cross on the west wall of the courtyard
Saint Isidore – patron saint of farmers
Pieta in the courtyard
The 12th of 14 Stations of the Cross

These photographs represent a sampling of what you will see and experience.
We invite you to come visit us!


a place of peace, prayer, and hospitality
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